The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville


Principles are the broad ideals that express the community vision and which will shape decision-making in the future. They are consensus-based, achievable, and inclusive. The articulation of “Principles” is intended to set up a series of ideals that will guide the decision-making for future projects and initiatives. The Principles reflect what we as a community would like to see for our city when we envision our future. What follows is a series of six principles that can serve as a compass as we map out our shared path.

Build a Live/Work/Connect Community

Build a city where individuals of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and abilities can find a great place to live, become successful, and enjoy life. Create unique, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods that are interconnected, creating a city that offers something for all its residents.

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Expand a Sustainable, Resilient Economy

Expand a strong, diverse and innovative economy that offers opportunity for all. Businesses and ventures of all types and sizes can create, grow, and succeed in Huntsville.

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Design a Mobile and Sustainable Transportation Network

Design a multi-modal city that is safe and easy to navigate. Huntsville roadways, public transit, bike lanes, and greenways work together to create a transportation network that serves people of all ages and abilities.

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Maintain a Network of Exceptional Education

Maintain a deep and forward-thinking tradition of learning, from Pre-K to Post-Doc. From primary schooling through college, support public and private options that develop a highly-skilled workforce and which attract new residents from around the world.

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Support Local Arts and Culture

Support our own distinct character, including a rich maker heritage, a thriving arts scene, a reputation as an outdoor recreation hub, and unique neighborhoods that contribute to an unprecedented quality of life.

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Develop Healthy and Active Neighborhoods

Develop Huntsville as a place that recognizes that an active population can reduce the cost of healthcare for its citizens and have a positive economic impact on the city’s overall well-being. Build a community that by its very nature encourages daily activity and healthy lifestyles.

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