The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

Design a Mobile and Sustainable Transportation Network

Design a multi-modal city that is safe and easy to navigate. Design roadways, public transit, bike lanes, and greenways so that they work together to create a transportation network that serves people of all ages and abilities.

“You are not stuck in traffic.  You ARE traffic.”

Pedestrians.  Connect existing sidewalk networks and create new ones.  Link neighborhoods to schools, parks, shopping, and other neighborhoods.

Bicycles.  Develop a system of complete streets that serve bikes as well as other modes.  Adopt best practices for bicycle facilities and coordinate their implementation with new road and resurfacing projects.

Traffic.  Maintain a street network that moves traffic safely and efficiently throughout the metro area, with particular attention to commutes.

Transit.  Plan for expanded transit, and study the most efficient and cost-effective options for serving the expanding need.  Know that though it might not be implemented for a decade or more. The time to plan for increased transit options is now.

Last modified: November 20th, 2018 at 2:57 pm