The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

Maintain a Network of Exceptional Education

Maintain a deep and forward-thinking tradition of learning, from Pre-K to Post-Doc. From primary schooling through college, support public and private options that develop a highly-skilled workforce, that attract new residents from around the world and prepare our future workforce for the skills of tomorrow.

“Economic Development can’t survive without strong education.” – Greg Canfield, Alabama Secretary of Commerce

Primary/Secondary. Support Huntsville City Schools, and enhance the physical environments around local schools.  Seek out partnership opportunities in the private and civic sectors to connect school programs and events into the community at large.

Post-Secondary. Strengthen community connections by partnering with local colleges and universities to plan for and implement town-and-gown style development adjacent to the campuses.  Help connect the schools to potential program and outreach opportunities in the business community.

Professional. Know that education is a process that continues well beyond college and continue to support workforce development programs and job training efforts that meet job demands in the region.  Ensure that everyone has the skills and opportunity to find meaningful employment in Huntsville, and ensure that they can acquire the new or supplementary skills needed to compete for and succeed in employment at any and all stages of their careers.

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