The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

Using the Plan

  • Citizens. The BIG Picture should serve not only as a clearinghouse for information about policies adopted by the City, or projects undertaken by private or public interests. It should also represent transparency in how decisions are made with regard to Huntsville’s future. Citizens can track where the City is making investments and undertaking projects, and can see how their representatives are supporting smart growth. This Plan, via Imagine Huntsville, also offers the opportunity to weigh in on the decisions being made, and to suggest ideas directly from the community.
  • Investors/Developers/Businesses. For individuals and organizations that want to expand their work in Huntsville, or for those new to the region who want invest in a growing and vibrant community, this Plan can provide insight into community priorities and practices. Huntsville has a reputation of being a business-friendly city, and clearly articulating the community’s expectation can help businesses – whether new or existing – be better partners… and be more successful.
  • Planning Commission. New development is coming online every month, and it’s the Planning Commission’s challenge to ensure that new growth is consistent with community ideals and that it makes a positive impact on the city at large.  This Plan offers another tool for reviewing development, and for suggesting ways to shape constructive and sustainable development in Huntsville.