The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

Growth Issue: Quality of Life

Parks, greenways, good schools, a robust arts culture, an established craft brewing industry, and a growing culinary movement – all of these contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed in Huntsville.

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Building upon these elements will ensure that as we grow, quality of life (QOL) continues to be the central pillar around which the community is built.

Why is “QOL” important? The unique character of a community – the things that make it special – is becoming increasingly important to local and regional economies. Young workers in particular are attracted to places that offer an active and interesting lifestyle… and the companies that employ them are looking for cities that make investments in those attractions.

It’s not just about the economy. Recruiting new businesses and workers aside, QOL is important to the people who already live in a community. We are healthier and happier when we have opportunities to connect with our city, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s important to remember the last part of “Live/Work/PLAY”.

So, what IS Quality of Life? It encompasses so many things: parks and greenspace; quality schools; transportation options; safe and accessible neighborhoods; a vibrant arts and entertainment scene; unique amenities like Ditto Landing and the Botanical Garden; among many others. They are the opportunities that make life enjoyable, that give us the chance to engage with our neighbors, and help us develop a sense of civic pride.

Did we mention beer? Huntsville’s craft brewing boom is not only a great example of the local maker culture. It’s an expression of creativity, community, and local identity. Supporting these types of locally-sourced industries is important to both economic diversity and civic pride.

“The point of the project is the life it generates.”Ryan Gravel

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