The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

Southeast Subarea

This subarea has been and continues to be, among the most desirable districts within the metro area in terms of residential and commercial development.



  • Under-performing commercial centers have been redeveloped into new mixed-use nodes and complementary uses such as housing, office, recreation, etc.
  • Older residential neighborhoods have experienced reinvestment driven by new amenities and ready access to employment centers.


This subarea has been, and continues to be, among the most desirable districts within the metro area in terms of residential and commercial development.  However, as some of the neighborhoods and retail centers have aged, signs of disinvestment have become evident, particularly along South Parkway.

The decline has not been precipitous, however, due to many features found within the subarea: access to excellent public and private schools, a robust retail environment (particularly in Jones Valley and along the Bailey Cove corridor), high-quality housing stock, proximity to and views of natural resources like the Land Trust preserves and Aldridge Creek Greenway, and relative commute times to major employment centers.

To resist the onset of blight in key areas, and to encourage reinvestment in older neighborhoods, the focus for the subarea is on placemaking exercises; adding amenities and quality development to key points within South Huntsville.  Infrastructure improvements are crucial as well, and the South Parkway improvements in particular will enhance access to employment and services.

Additional priorities include the diversification of housing stock to allow for more “Aging in Place”.  Giving long-term residents more and better options for downsizing within their community can stimulate the housing market, add value to existing neighborhoods, and support better health outcomes for seniors.

Last modified: July 27th, 2022 at 3:35 pm


  • This action has been completed.

    Develop and maintain a joint master plan with the Marina Authority that oversees Ditto Landing. Coordinate capital investments with Madison County, and partner on grant applications as identified by the Authority.

  • This action has been completed.

    Redevelop former Grissom High School site as a “neighborhood center”. Include recreational and arts amenities, and ensure the site is well-connected via sidewalks and paths.

  • This action has been completed.

    Develop a master plan for Haysland Square and the surrounding parcels. With the new Grissom in place, development in the area is likely to accelerate. A master plan – completed in cooperation with property- and business-owners in particular – will ensure good connectivity among the complementary sites, and will help guide development that will take full advantage of the economic generator the high school represents.

  • This action has been completed.

    Support the development of the South Huntsville Business Association, particularly with regard to information-sharing and planning coordination.