The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

North Subarea

Located centrally in the region, and containing some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, the subarea has experienced disinvestment in both the commercial and residential sectors over the past decades.  Repairing and reversing this trend is foremost among concerns.



  • Underperforming and blighted commercial properties have redeveloped into mixed-use nodes and supportive uses, as appropriate to immediate context.
  • Older residential neighborhoods have experienced reinvestment, stabilizing and improving property values.
  • Transit service has expanded and improved, particularly along the Meridian Street corridor.


The subarea has many physical and geographic features in its favor, however.  Its location relative to the rest of the region and the major employment/activity centers is a positive, especially as the metro area continues to add population.  Another asset is North Memorial Parkway, which cuts right through the heart of the district and carries over 60,000 cars per day. The full economic potential of this important corridor has not yet been realized and tapping the traffic along the route could bring significant investment to the area.  Additionally, the ease of access to the Parkway makes for a convenient commute that is not found in many other areas in the Huntsville metro.

The housing stock, though well-maintained in most cases, is aging and needs an influx of renovation to bring it in line with contemporary housing demand.  At the same time, it has been decades since any new sizable residential development has occurred in the district.  If new housing can be seeded among or near the existing neighborhoods, it can help encourage reinvestment in the older properties.

A focus on “placemaking” (the practice of using existing resources and characteristics to create unique localities) can have a positive impact on development.  There is no shortage of opportunity in the subarea, it just needs to be taken advantage of.

Last modified: July 27th, 2022 at 3:41 pm


  • This action has been completed.

    Conduct a joint master planning exercise with AAMU to encourage development of the Meridian and Parkway frontages.

  • This action has not been completed.

    Conduct a small-area planning exercise focused on the Meridian/Oakwood intersection and surrounding properties, with the goal of developing the area into a distinct district.

  • This action has been completed.

    Prune blighted properties and focus catalytic development at key intersections along North Parkway.

  • This action has been completed.

    Coordinate zoning and development controls along the Northern Bypass to ensure that future growth patterns won’t devolve into sprawl.

  • This action has been completed.

    Implement Greenway Master Plan recommendations, focusing on major stakeholders/partners, like the Land Trust of North Alabama, and Alabama A&M University.

  • This action has been completed.

    Continue active recruitment for the North Huntsville Industrial Park, and maintain/expand infrastructure to incentivize new development within and around it.