The Big Picure: Your Study. Your Vision. Your Plan for the City of Huntsville

Meridian Corridor Study

The Consulting Corps of the Counselors of Real Estate was engaged by the City of Huntsville and the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® to provide professional advice for the redevelopment and improvement of the Meridian Corridor, an approximately four-mile area along Meridian Street north of downtown. The team conducted an analysis of applicable plans and studies; reviewed demographic, market, and employment data; and assessed market conditions for housing and other property types in the area. Recommendations were formulated that are designed to create new vibrancy that draws people and investment to the corridor.


  • Help create a strong neighborhood identity by establishing clear and attractive corridor gateways and streetscapes
  • Strengthen neighborhood identity through creative placemaking strategies
  • Identify catalytic sites to promote redevelopment at strategic locations
  • Create “Town and Gown” districts with AAMU, Drake State, and Huntsville City Schools to enhance the area as an important education corridor
  • Provide better mobility in the area through infrastructure and transportation improvements
  • Improve economic and housing opportunities in the area through strategic planning, zoning, and public investment


The study was initiated to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities that are economically viable for the corridor as well as to identify appropriate redevelopment strategies. The study team engaged with members of the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® staff and leaders, government officials, community groups, local developers, and area business and education representatives. Various legal constraints, infrastructure capacity/opportunities, and existing plans applicable to the corridor including zoning, height and density requirements and other limits were reviewed as part of the study process.

The team’s report highlights several recommendations including:

  • Implementing various general property strategies that include investment, planning and zoning initiatives as well as development of catalytic sites and creative placemaking. (Page 9 of the report)
  • Focusing on Downtown North, including the gateway site at Pratt and Meridian as well as various commercial properties in the area. (Page 10 of the report)
  • Enhancing the Education Corridor from Oakwood Avenue to Alabama A&M University. (Page 12 of the report)

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  • This action has not been completed.

    Create, organize and fund a Community Redevelopment Authority, beginning with the creation of a charter and the appointment of a Board of Directors

  • This action has not been completed.

    Develop a 10-year vision, a five-year plan and a one-year plan and goals

  • This action has not been completed.

    Develop gateway, placemaking and place branding strategies

  • This action has not been completed.

    Address infrastructure, transportation, mobility and public safety issues

  • This action has not been completed.

    Utilize opportunities provided by the Education Corridor

  • This action has not been completed.

    Develop neighborhood business and entrepreneurial support

  • This action has not been completed.

    Create a one-stop shop for residents

  • This action has not been completed.

    Encourage public/private partnerships for real estate development and identify incentives