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Cummings Research Park Master Plan

Cummings Research Park (CRP) has been a hub for the defense and aerospace industries. With the changing industry needs affecting office space, CRP has seen the need to update and reconfigure itself to remain competitive well into the 21st century.

Take a look at CRP’s Master Plan.


  • Cummings Research Park has continued to grow and evolve in its role as an economic driver and employment center within the Huntsville region.


A vital part of Huntsville’s economic growth over the past half-century, Cummings Research Park (CRP) has been THE address for aerospace and defense companies. However, as national workforce preferences have changed, and with them the office market, CRP has seen the need to update what it has been doing to address these shifts in the way industries are doing business. Atlanta urban design firm Perkins + Will led a team that looked at how CRP could reconfigure itself to remain competitive well into the 21st century.

By looking at other research parks around the globe, and studying newly formed innovation districts, CRP has drafted a Master Plan to preserve many of the iconic signature campuses while introducing new office and land use models that will help breathe new life into the Park. From research through start-up, scale-up, and incorporation, the CRP of the future will offer a complete business ecosystem. Complementary uses like residential options, dining and entertainment, and cultural/recreational amenities will help CRP evolve into a leading-edge innovation district.

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