Ditto Landing

A plan for Ditto Landing and the greater Huntsville riverfront. Made possible thanks to overwhelming support from the Huntsville-Madison County Marina and Port Authority and the public. Includes information from the Citizens Academy, Online Survey, and Open House.

Online Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ditto Landing Ideas Survey! We received over 2,900 responses in just two weeks! The final average priority rating for each idea can be found in the PDF below. The survey results helped us create short- and long-term plans for Ditto Landing and the surrounding riverfront.

Ditto Landing Ideas Survey- Final Results

Ditto Landing Citizens Academy

Date: June 24, 2014

Presenter: Dennis Madsen, City of Huntsville

Location: Kingston Pavilion, Ditto Landing

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 Map Exercises (click to enlarge)

Group 14 Map Group 13 Map Group 12 Map Group 11 Map Group 10 Map Group 9 Map Group 8 Map Group 7 Map Group 6 Map Group 5 Map Group 4 Map Group 3 Map Group 2 Map Group 1 Map

Fourteen groups submitted their ideas for redeveloping Ditto Landing and the surrounding riverfront. Generally, green areas meant recreation (parks, greenways), red-retail and restaurants, blue- water features, brown- campgrounds, purple- institutional/amphitheaters, yellow-parking, orange-residential, and black-transportation.


Ditto Landing Attendance

The map above shows the Kickoff Meeting attendance by zip code. At least one person attended from every major zip code in Huntsville except 35824 (Martin-Zierdt) and 35757 (Monrovia). The strongest showing was from southeast Huntsville (35803), followed by zip codes in central and east Huntsville.