What We’re Reading: December 2016

What We’re Reading: December 2016

In this edition: Uber is helping reduce parking demand in large cities; More houses are coming to a historic Huntsville neighborhood; the City has a new partner for greenways. 

Lowe Mill. Photo credit: James Vandiver

Around the Web

The BIG Picture Arrives at Taylor’s Chapel PB Church.” Speakin’ Out News, November 16, 2016

The BIG Picture Exhibition made a stop at Taylor’s Chapel Primitive Baptist Church on Stringfield Rd. last month.

Dear Tenant: Your Uber is Here.” Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2016 

Residential landlords in major cities are providing Uber vouchers, and major venues such as shopping malls and stadiums are expanding their ride share drop-off areas. Owners are hoping these moves will reduce the need for parking spaces in dense urban areas, where land is at a premium.

Rebuilding West Huntsville’s Mill Villages.” City of Huntsville City Blog, November 27, 2016 

Here’s an article from the new City Blog highlighting a Nashville company’s forthcoming effort to offer new housing options in the Lowe Mill neighborhood.

Greenways: Huntsville Partners with the Land Trust.” Huntsville Outdoors, December 2, 2016 

The city of Huntsville is partnering with the Land Trust of North Alabama to assist with the development of the greenway network.

Housing in the Evolving American Suburb.” Urban Land Institute, December 5, 2016 

This study by ULI discusses that while the suburbs are still growing, not all of them are alike.

Featured Video

Timelapse– Google Earth.” Google, November 29, 2016 

Google unveiled a new feature of its Earth software last month that allows you to observe more than 30 years of Landsat imagery in just a few seconds. Here’s the Huntsville area between 1984 and 2016:

Featured Book

Never Built New York” by Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell. This book discusses projects that never quite made it off the ground in the Big Apple. The authors also wrote a similar book on Los Angeles.

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