Welcome to The BIG Picture: Our Study, Vision & Plan for the City of Huntsville!

The City of Huntsville is developing a new comprehensive master plan — The BIG Picture – to help direct the future of economic growth, neighborhood redevelopment, parks and greenways, transportation, and quality of life for all of our citizens. (See Mayor’s Message for more information)

Throughout the 2014 and 2015 calendar years, The BIG Picture will develop in three phases:

1. Our Study – Providing research, demographics and economic data to determine who we are and how we compare with other cities across the nation.

2. Our Vision – Engaging citizens in a variety of workshops, lectures and online forums about their ideas, dreams and desires for a better and sustainable Huntsville.

3. Our Plan – Formulating a transparent, breathable plan with the ability to guide funding and policy decisions. This plan will be continuously updated each year to best reflect changing conditions.



For the past year, the City of Huntsville Planning Division has been working with Market + Main (, a collaborative city planning consulting company based in Atlanta, on the research for the “Study” phase of the comprehensive plan. We’ve been gathering data, crunching numbers, creating maps and interviewing community leaders to get a better handle on current trends and to understand where Huntsville is positioned for the coming decades. This research will act as our foundation for our Vision and Plan phases of The BIG Picture.



Market Analysis and Assessment

Archived Plans