Next Steps

Next Steps

After a year of input, study, and analysis, we are ready to begin framing the comprehensive plan!

On May 7th, the BIG Picture: Next Steps Event was held at Trinity United Methodist Church’s New Room on Airport Road. We pinpointed the big questions to answer and identified issues that will guide our decision making. We looked to prioritize projects and initiatives, and established a process for ongoing public engagement as we look toward implementing the BIG Picture.

Presentation (by Dennis Madsen, and Lakey Boyd of Re:Posit Strategies)



The New Issues Matrix

Participants were asked to choose their top three issues from a board of thirty. The top three vote-getters were:
  1. Support “nodal development”– that is, the creation of denser neighborhood centers in strategic areas throughout the city.
  2. How will empty strip malls redevelop, particularly given the limited market for retail?
  3. Structure incentives to create a better environment for redevelopment in existing neighborhoods.

The “Huntsville of the Future Should Be…” BoardFuture Board

Participants were asked to write a “mission statement” about how they felt the future of Huntsville should follow. We added a few of our own to get creative juices flowing…
  • Huntsville has a global reputation for innovation
  • Every neighborhood in Huntsville is safe, vibrant, and economically strong
  • Huntsville is a healthy community
  • It is easy for people of all ages and abilities to get around Huntsville
  • Huntsville is a recreation destination
  • People of all ages and abilities can live, work, and thrive in Huntsville
Two dozen statements were offered by participants, including:
  • Huntsville leads the state (nation?) in healthy living
  • The Silicon Valley of the Southeast
  • Huntsville leads the nation in utilizing home-grown innovations
  • Huntsville is so safe that we will have no need to worry
  • Huntsville citizens are informed, engaged, and connected
  • A regional hub for public art display

Strategies and Actions

On the final board, participants were given $500 million in “BIG Picture Bucks” to spend on one or a combination of 24 actions. The top three vote-getters were:
  1. Create a “mobility plan” that looks at traffic, sidewalks, bike routes and transit, and how they work together
  2. Work with the individual neighborhoods to develop small-scale master plans for the different sub-areas within Huntsville
  3. Develop Business Associations to help plan and advocate for neighborhood-level reinvestment