Greenway Master Plan Update

Greenway Master Plan Update

In December 2017, the City of Huntsville Planning Commission approved the Greenway Master Plan update. The map that was presented at the Planning Commission meeting on December 19, 2017 is shown below.

Legend (PDF)

Proposed Greenways (red): Corridors planned to begin construction within five years from plan adoption.

Visionary Greenways (orange): Corridors planned to begin construction beyond five years from plan adoption. Some corridors may be built sooner based on land and funding availability.

Existing Greenways (solid green): Greenway segments that have been completed.

Greenlinks (dashed green): Existing sidewalk connections between greenway segments.

Visionary Greenlinks (orange)Proposed sidewalk connections between greenway segments.

Trails (purple): Existing dirt paths that connect to the greenway network. (For informational purposes only)

Complete Streets Corridor (blue): Existing street scheduled to be modified to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians as well as cars. (For informational purposes only)

Proposed and Visionary greenways could be built as either a dirt trail, an unpaved (crushed gravel) greenway, or a paved greenway depending on location and funding availability. 



 In May 2017, the City of Huntsville and the Land Trust of North Alabama held three public involvement meetings for the City of Huntsville’s Greenway Master Plan Update. An online comment period coincided with the public meetings.

The comment period for this plan ended on May 31, 2017. Thank you!