Speaker Series: Rolf Eisinger and Mike Sewell

Speaker Series: Rolf Eisinger and Mike Sewell

Rolf Eisinger, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator with Louisville (Kentucky) Metro, and Mike Sewell, Principal Engineer with Gresham Smith and Partners came to Huntsville on February 18, 2016 as part of the BIG Picture Speaker Series. The event was held at Merrimack Hall. 

Eisinger and Sewell have been instrumental in the transition Louisville has made in the past decade to transform into a bike- and pedestrian-friendly city.  Nationally, the pedestrian program has become a bronze level Walk Friendly Community, and the bike program has reached silver status as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Since 2008, Louisville hosted its first pedestrian summit and second bike summit. Both plans have provided the building blocks for the city’s 20 year bike and pedestrian master plans. Two of the most valuable products from the master plans are Louisville’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plans. These plans look in-depth at Louisville’s crash history and provide action items to address Louisville’s crashes. The Pedestrian Safety Action Plan helped Louisville win one of the recently awarded Pedestrian Education and Enforcement National Highway Safety Administration grants. The bike master plan provide Louisville the capacity and direction to develop the nationally recognized youth bicycle education program called Bike Sense, and the installation of over 40 miles of bicycle facilities within 8 months. Some of these facilities include Louisville’s first single and double buffered bike lanes, bike boxes, separated bike lanes, the use of green pavement markings, and a Neighborway network. As part of the bike program, Louisville plans to launch its Bike Share program this summer.


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An estimated 50-60 people attended the event. A plurality of attendees came from the 35801 ZIP code (Central Huntsville). Other ZIPs with a significant presence included 35802 (South Huntsville)and 35803 (Extreme South Huntsville).