Development Review: August 2016

Development Review: August 2016

GE Aviation and a retail redevelopment are among the list of top non-residential permits for the month of August. Residential permits and CO’s decreased year-over-year.

The old Walmart at Drake and the Parkway is being demolished to make way for a new shopping center. Photo credit: James Vandiver

Non-Residential Permits Over $100,000 in Huntsville city limits

Orange: Contract amount greater than $1 Million
Green: Contract amount between $500,000-$999,999
Blue: Contract amount between $100,000-$499,999
Contract amounts are approximated. Data source: City of Huntsville Inspections Department

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Residential Permits (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

In August, 88 housing units were permitted, all single-family. The top tract for building permits last month was 106.12 (72 West), where 23 units were permitted. This is a 62.9% decrease over August 2015, when 237 housing units (99 single- and 138 multi-family) were permitted.

Residential Certificates of Occupancy (new construction) in Huntsville city limits:

160 housing units were granted certificates of occupancy (CO’s), including 72 single- and 88 multi-family units. The top tract for CO’s in the month of August was 109.01 (Hampton Cove) where 94 housing units were added, 22 single- and 72 multi-family. This is a 23.4% decrease over August 2015, when 209 housing units (91 single- and 118 multi-family) were granted CO’s.