Ditto Landing

Ditto Landing

The Ditto Landing Master Plan

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Master Plan

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III


Open House: April 15, 2015


Check out the presentation, map exercises and more from the Ditto Landing Citizens Academy.

Date: June 24, 2014

Presenter: Dennis Madsen, City of Huntsville

Location: Kingston Pavilion, Ditto Landing

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Map Exercises (click to enlarge)

Group 14 Map Group 13 Map Group 12 Map Group 11 Map Group 10 Map Group 9 Map Group 8 Map Group 7 Map Group 6 Map Group 5 Map Group 4 Map Group 3 Map Group 2 Map Group 1 Map

Fourteen groups submitted their ideas for redeveloping Ditto Landing and the surrounding riverfront. Generally, green areas meant recreation (parks, greenways), red-retail and restaurants, blue- water features, brown- campgrounds, purple- institutional/amphitheaters, yellow-parking, orange-residential, and black-transportation.


Ditto Landing Attendance

The map above shows the Kickoff Meeting attendance by zip code. At least one person attended from every major zip code in Huntsville except 35824 (Martin-Zierdt) and 35757 (Monrovia). The strongest showing was from southeast Huntsville (35803), followed by zip codes in central and east Huntsville.